munch owner


Loves her two boys, her husband and son, more than even she could have dreamed. She wishes there were twice as many hours in the day so she could spend twice as much time with them. However, there are never enough hours in the day for a busy parent.

Abby and her husband enjoyed 10 years working and living in New York City, London and Amsterdam before returning home, settling down in Texas and starting a family. Having spent her adult life working long hours and eating whatever take-out or delivery was being ordered in, she found the task of feeding her child overwhelming. She often jokes that she realized what being a mom meant in the instant she went from not caring about feeding herself to being responsible for feeding another person 5 times a day!

Abby is devoted to helping busy parents feel good about themselves and their devotion to their jobs and their children, at the end of each day. A working parent herself, she believes you can’t put a value on the time you get to spend with your children and 10 extra minutes a day can be priceless!

Abby is a graduate of the University of Richmond, where she studied Finance and Business Administration. Despite a packed calendar, she makes walking her dogs with her son every evening a priority. She loves to play tennis and ski in the winter. If there is a free weekend, Abby and her boys are likely travelling someplace and making memories!



Munch was created by Abby’s desire to help other overworked parents while taking into account most parent’s desire for healthy eating and living.   Munch hopes to ease the stress that so many parents face each night when trying to decide how to pull together a creative, healthy meal, that can be boxed up for their child to take to school the next day.