How do I know you got my order?
You can always go to the Order page, sign in using the criteria you set up and view your order history. However, if you are still concerned, feel free to send us an e-mail at info@yourmunch.com

What is the order deadline?
The main meal orders are due 3 days before the delivery date.  However,  we offer a grilled cheese sandwich and our “Munchable” that can be ordered up until 8 am the day of delivery!  It’s perfect for the picky eaters or those desperate mornings when there is nothing in the fridge.

What if I need to cancel?
While we prefer to have cancellations done 24 hours before the delivery day, we are moms and know that children get sick and emergencies happen. We will accept cancellations up to 7:00 am on the day of delivery and your account will be credited.

Can I receive a cash refund or credit to my Paypal account?
While we cannot offer cash refunds or credit your Paypal account, we will credit your Munch account. The credit can be used for any child at a participating school.  Credits can also be applied to gift certificates.

Can I register more than one child on the same account?
Yes, when you Register for a Munch account, just add each student individually. You will need to register for meals for each child separately, but can view your selections in your account history.

What if my school is not shown?
A list of the schools to which we are currently delivering can be found under Who is Munching. If you are interested in having Munch deliver to your child’s school, please fill out our form under You Ask, We Deliver. We will follow up with the school to see if Munch can deliver.

Can teachers and faculty purchase?
Yes, if your school is participating, we would be happy to deliver teacher and faculty meals. We offer both a small portion meal and a large portion for big eaters and adults. Faculty can set up an account and place orders like a parent would. Simply enter your name as the student’s name when you Register .

Where is the menu?
After you have created an account, you can view our monthly menus on the Order tab.

What payments do you accept?
We use Paypal for payments on the website. Through Paypal you can pay via Credit Card or bank account.

Can I drop a payment with the school or include with my school tuition?
Our participating daycares and schools cannot accept payments as we are a separate service. We utilize Paypal for Munch transactions. If you have further questions, you may contact us here.

Do you have gift cards?
Yes! Giving Munch Love is a great Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or shower gift for a mom with older children. Order here.


My child has allergies, can you accommodate?
Our menu is completely nut free. However, if your child has a severe nut allergy, we recommend not ordering. Some of the equipment might be shared for other food production and could have come into contact with nuts.

Please check the menu closely for your child if allergies are a concern. If you have additional questions about the meals, contact us before ordering.

Is your food fresh?
Yes, Munch meals are made fresh daily.

Who prepares the meals?
The meals are prepared in a commercially certified kitchen by a local Fort Worth chef.

Are the meals organic?
Our meals have no added nitrates, no high fructose corn syrup, no MSG, no artificial flavors or colors, and are never fried. Some of the items are organic and all are fresh.

What does a Munch meal look like?
The meals are packaged in white, paper bags and labeled with your child’s name, school, classroom and a Munch sticker.  Inside the lunch bag is a wholesome, fun meal made with love.

Special Events & Catering

Do you cater parties, camps or other events?
We will always consider new events, schools, camps and events. Please provide us with some additional information, under Who Is Munching.